In Georgia domestic relations law, the Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit (aka DRFA) is the foundation upon which all divorce settlements are built. Each party will prepare this form and the court will use it to balance the income and expenses of each party in order to determine child/spousal support, separation of assets and liabilities, etc. in order to attain an equitable settlement for each party

The document itself is a sworn document and is treated like a financial budget for each party. You should NOT lie or misrepresent numbers on the DRFA, as it could be extremely detrimental to your case and could warrant penalty of perjury. The document is signed and notarized and is a necessary part of divorce, as per Georgia’s Uniform Superior Court Rules.

It is recommended that you begin filling out the form as soon as possible, and you may receive help from your attorney or a CPA who is familiar with your financial situation. If you have an expense that varies based on the month or season, you should average the cost by taking the estimated total yearly bill and dividing by 12 in order to obtain an accurate standing of your expenses.

The Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit can be revised should your circumstances change. Remember, you should always represent your current situation wholly and truthfully. If you anticipate your situation changing, consult with your attorney. You should always represent your current circumstances accurately and amend the document should they change.